econica: Lace Top

A beautiful, paneled lace top. I like the description for this: “sexy, but not over the top” – haha. Sexy is sometimes overdone, isn’t it? But it’s all subjective. In Japan, it seems to be fine to wear the tiniest short-shorts you can find. Wear a tank top and you’re likely to be the victim of leering at the very least. It’s the complete opposite in North America, I find. Anyway, despite this top’s “modesty”, I still wouldn’t be able to wear it to work. A casual night out with friends, yes. Lots of other nice stuff in this store as well, check it out!

Black lace sexy top – organic cotton lace tunic shirt – womens black blouse – sheer black lace top Size Small

SilkEscape: SALE ITEM – 30% OFF Silk Turquoise and Black Camisole with Applique – Hand Painted

Michele Morgan, based in Long Beach, brings you gorgeously hand-dyed silk scarves and tops in her Etsy shop, SilkEscape. I loved the colours in this top in particular. Her tops are large-sized and adjustable, allowing a perfect fit on anyone. And you can’t go wrong as she’s offering 30% off right now…

SALE ITEM – 30% OFF Silk Turquoise and Black Camisole with Applique – Hand Painted

KelseysCreationsShop: Black Blush Tailcoat

This piece caught my eye and I still love it. In fact, there are many gorgeous pieces in Kelsey’s shop – it was difficult to pick only one to feature (as is often the case). But a pink tailcoat? Too unique to pass up ๐Ÿ˜‰

TAIL COAT – Black Blush Burning Man, Black and Pink, Steampunk, Victorian, Gothic, Boho, Small – Medium

Elegantcrochets: Fringe Halter Top

I featured a similar, crocheted, gorgeous fringe halter top from Helen’s shop in an Etsy treasury I recently made to showcase items similar in style and colour to the ruffle skirts at Haute Revel (treasury link). It’s so pretty, I just had to feature her shop here. Helen’s been crocheting for 26 years, and I shows in her mastery of both the work and the hot designs she produces. Definitely check out a few pages on her shop page!

Fringe top, halter top, crochet fringe bikini top, MAGENTA, , gypsy clothing, festival top, Bohemian top

myuniverse: Black Maxi Dress – Plus Size Dress

I’m not so much into “maxi” dresses myself, but this print rraly caught my eye. There are lots of other beautiful prints and styles in this Malaysian store as well – be sure to check then out too.

Black Maxi Dress – Plus Size Dress / Regular Women Maxi Dresses Prom Long Dress Bridesmaid Dress Wedding

IvyVining: Chain Fringe Mini-Skirt

Ivy Vining’s been making clothes sinxe the tender age of, well, 3 (with safety pins), or 5 (by sewing machine). Eesh, a veritable genius of classical music caliber, it seems.

This is no simple fringe skirt – it’s made with real chains, individually hand-attached. Fabulous. The other items in her store are also worth a long peak. Nice.

Silver Chain Fringe Mini Skirt

ErinAlexandraKlym: Statement Fleece Sweater

Get yourself one of these fleece sweaters for days when the -20s get you down. No need to be shivering all day the office with this multi-style tie sweater. Nice!

Statement Tie Fleece Knit Jacket with belt