Alexander McQueen: Giger-inspired Alien High-Heeled Shoes

I remember in elementary school, I had a pair of warm winter boots from one of those deeply discounted department stores, probably made by slaves, with the brand name “Allens” scrawled across the side. For some reason, this sparked in the mind of one of my low-class, white-trash, illiterate schoolmates that I must be an alien, because my boots said “Aliens” on them. I wonder what he’d think today, if he saw these high fashion high heels, designed by the legendary Alexander McQueen himself, which are actually called Alien? He’d probably have an aneurysm. That only adds to the glee I feel when I stare at these.

To dream of being a billionaire…

Giger-Inspired “Alien” Heels by Alexander McQueen ยป

primadonna collections: Italian shoes without the big ticket prices


Gratefully found the perfect walking shoes for Italy, in Milan – studded, flashy, cushioned, comfortable (very difficult thing to achieve with my ridonculously shaped feet), perfect silhouette for both skirts and tapered pants, and on sale. What more could a fashionista wanting to assimilate local style whilst traveling through Italia, ask for?


(Perhaps the budget to pick up a pair of shoes only found at Luisa Via Roma boutique instead, but answering my own rhetorical question with such whimsical ramblings should be left to another blog post, from a properly well-rested brain!)

Atomicfireball: Studded Platform Sandals

Oh my fareaking gourd!!!! I absolutely LOVE these insane industrial style goth-punk 90s plats!!!! I would snatch these up in an instant if I had size FIVE tiny non-existent feet!!!! *curls up sobbing in a corner* ๐Ÿ˜›

Studded Platform Sandals Womens US Size 5 Black Leather Vintage Strappy Cut Out Wooden Club Kid Stacks

BStreetShoes: Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski Galaxy Sneakers

I don’t really care for Nike (though I did see a headline from 2013 stating they turned around their factory slave conditions, though whether that’s true is up for debate, and mightn’t we all think it’s too little, far, far too late? Ok enough of my activist self for now). Despite all that, I couldn’t help posting these for their gorgeous galaxy pattern. I could stare at my feet for hours of they were adorned in these. Alas, where would that get me? Face into the floor – no thanks! But you should totally nab these and mesmerize someone else with ’em ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski Galaxy Sneakers

ChickClassique: 50s Baroque Style Heels

These heels are amaaazeballs!!! I absolutely adore the gold and black brocade all over them. Adorable. Of course, they’re vintage, and therefore there’s a single pair – at size 5 1/2. I would never be able to squeeze my massive feet into ’em! But maybe you can? ๐Ÿ˜‰

50s gold black heels. Vintage jacquard shoes. Size 5 1/2. Black gold silver. Mad Men Fashion. New Years Eve. Tapered Heels.

Oonacat: Heelless Hooves for Costume

Check out these incredible boots. I’ve often thought certain styles of shoe loom like hooves – and make the wearer walk like a horse. Now you can make that even more of a reality with these artistic renditions of a pair of heeled boots that you select and send to the maker. She will then work her magic on them and create some truly evil / magical hooves for you to walk in. Extreeeeme.

Heelless Hooves for Costume – Custom epic hooves made to order