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IVANKA in Blue So, I was clicking around Facebook, as you do, and kept seeing an ad for these shoes. Well, something about the colours screamed “BUY ME”, so I clicked over and discovered JustFab – a highly addictive, tailored-for-you shoe shopping site. Don’t worry if none of the styles they show you in the beginning actually match anything even remotely close to what you’d wear in real life, or have any interest in – once you’re through the quizzes, you can view all of the selection they have available. Which ensures that you don’t miss all the wicked, awesome, punk/rocker/over-the-top colourful styles they’ve got.

Also, what’s awesome about this place is, your first order is 50% off the already discounted price they display (at least, this was the case for me, yesterday). I’m now the excited new owner of a pair of these ROCK ON boots from Avril Lavigne’s new Abbey Dawn collection:

ROCK ON by Avril Lavigne

Edit April 17, 2012: Just an update – I received the shoes and have realised they are the cheap, made-in-China type of shoes. Thankfully the boots are comfortable and wide enough to fit my fat calves, and generally they look good. However, I also realised that signing up with this website – in any capacity – means you are signing up for a minimum monthly subscription of $39.95 USD (+ shipping). You may, of course, at any month, skip a month should you not like any of the shoes they’ve posted. If you happen to forget to a) order a pair of shoes, or b) skip the month by a certain date, you will still be charged that $39.95. However, considering the quality, I can’t imagine ever buying another pair on that site – especially not on a monthly basis. I, for one, appreciate high-quality, sturdy shoes that will not make my feet hurt – and that’s exactly the opposite of what made-in-China heels do to my feet (the majority of the type of shoe that site features). Anyway, without going on about how strange my feet are, I’ll leave it at that. Decide for yourself of course – they have plenty of adorable styles. But a word of caution should you have tastes like my own.



  1. really love the brown velvet shoes with the ornate ankle decor I need to have them and dont know where to order!!Help I rarley find stuff i must have!!!

  2. Thanks for this review of the site (and the boots!). I just stumbled across your post on Google, and before ordering thought I’d have a look around online. I definitely won’t be buying them – as lovely as they are. They are £25 in the UK (full price £100) – I expect better quality for an RRP like that, and being automatically signed up to their subscription service is definitely a turn off! (It’s £35/month in the UK.)

    Thanks again for the head’s up!

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