Hot Pink Love from PinarEris

I think my love for “fashion” – okay, well, dressing up in unique clothing and making funky outfits – came from the Barbie dolls I used to own and played with all the time. I’d sit in the basement, all by my only child lonesome, and make up what I thought were sexy and beautiful outfits for my Barbies (most of which were second hand, with chewed up hands because of my cat). I think my love for hot, flashy, neon pink arose out of this as well, as most of the clothing available for Barbie at that time was some combination of neon pink and black. Out of this aesthetic, I present to you today, this incredibly gorgeous, over the top, absolutely to die for skirt from PinarEris (okay, I want the top too :P).

Alice Skirt

Alice Skirt


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