First Post: Sumie Tachibana

Indie Fashion Love is here to celebrate the creativity of fashion and lifestyle designers around the world. I’ll post images of wicked fashions that grab me, along with links to where you can go buy them (keep in mind, most are one-offs). I’d also like to post interviews with the designers, as well as photos of myself in some of their work (when I can afford it!). Oh, and of course, coupon codes and online deals, when I come across them!

Our first feature is this funky goth-military jacket (I sooo want it):

One of a Kind Black Ninja Hooded Jacket, by Sumie Tachibana, a designer in New York City producing edgy, high-quality, unique fashions. I bought a few of her things a while back – she does an incredible job of very carefully wrapping up each item, so that even opening it is an experience.


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